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Srebrna przypinka Behemoth 'Trivmviratvs Bones'

Srebrna przypinka Behemoth 'Trivmviratvs Bones'

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Z wliczonym podatkiem. Koszt wysyłki obliczony przy realizacji zakupu.

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Dark, unbelievably detailed, small pin, hand sculpted from scratch in Anna Mazon Biżuteria studio, and then made in sterling silver (925) using traditional silversmithing techniques. Oxidized (darkened) and polished, to showcase even better, all the unique details of this tiny, wearable sculpture. The pin weighs 3.2 g (this including the sterling silver clasp at the back).

Total length of the silver motif is 2.4 cm (0.94 in). Its width is 1.8 cm (0.7 in) in the widest place. It is approx. 1.5 mm thick. Small yet very eye catching. The pin closes and opens by pinching together the little "wings" placed at the back of the clasp. This pin will wear well also on thicker materials, like leather, polar fleece or knitwear.

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